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If you have been arrested for DUI in Yorba Linda or any surrounding community, hiring a knowledgeable DUI Lawyer is the most important choice you can make.  A Yorba Linda DUI Attorney can advise you of your legal options, review your case and arrest, question law enforcement, and safeguard your individual rights.  A knowledgeable DUI Lawyer can also provide you with the aggressive defense and legal counsel you will need to be successful in the Marin County court located in Huntington Beach, and at your DMV license suspension hearing at the Driver Safety Office located in Orange County.


DUI Defense Attorney, Edgar Reynoso, has handled hundreds of DUI cases for clients in Huntington Beach and surrounding communities.  As an experienced litigator, Mr. Reynoso understands the DUI process and California DUI laws.  Due to his extensive knowledge and years as a DUI defense attorney, Edgar Reynoso has been able to negotiate on his clients behalf to have their DUI charges reduced or dismissed.  While every case outcome varies, Attorney Edgar Reynoso will place effort into your defense and protecting your rights.


Remember, if you are convicted for DUI in Huntington Beach, you face serious legal consequences.  Contact Attorney Edgar Reynoso today for your FREE case evaluation!


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The Reynoso Law Firm has been helping people charged with DUI in Huntington Beach for over a decade. When you hire the Law Office of Edgar Reynoso, you will know that you are retaining the services of a knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy DUI defense team.


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