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DUI arrests are conducted after a law enforcement officer has sufficient reason to believe that a driver has exceeded the legal alcohol content while operating a motor vehicle. Although an officer may request breath tests, blood or urine tests to confirm the blood alcohol level present in a drivers' body, it is not a requirement as California state law allows an officer to make a DUI arrest on observational evidence alone, if necessary. In either event, a skilled DUI Attorney can often provide a decisive advantage in court with legitimate DUI defense strategies that have been proven to work. Our firm can represent clients in a variety of areas related to DUI.


2nd Time DUI


The penalties associated with 2nd-time DUI convictions are considerably higher than those who are on their first conviction. Consistent DUI charges can lead to legal and social problems alike as offenders may no longer be allowed to drive legally and/or must fulfill inconvenient requirements in terms of courses addressing substance and alcohol abuse.


Felony DUI


A DUI can be escalated to a felony if certain conditions apply, such as exceptional blood alcohol content, injuries to others and four or more DUI charges within a 10-year time frame. Felony DUI convictions incur harsher penalties than standard California misdemeanors which means more hardship for the accused.


Fighting to Keep Your Record Clean


While being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very serious matter, there are viable DUI defenses available that have been used in courts across California to help defendants find a favorable conclusion to their ordeal. Our Orange County DUI Attorneys are well-versed in California DUI laws and have found consistent success throughout our years of service in terms of securing minimized sentences or even dropped charges.


Our dedicated attorneys understand how critical success is for our clients, and we welcome the opportunity to fight for your most urgent legal needs. So make haste and contact our Orange County DUI Lawyer to discuss your defense today!


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If you choose to make a trip to Placentia or any surrounding community, then keep in mind that taking part in the city’s bustling nightlife also requires being smart. If you choose to drink, then avoid getting caught with a DUI, which can have serious implications.


Should you get arrested for a Placentia DUI, then take heart. You can get help from an experienced, professional DUI Attorney who will start working for you as soon as you contact the law office.  All you need to do is call (877) DUI-PROS and we will let you talk to one of our team of experienced DUI Lawyers and we will get started on your DUI case as soon as possible to protect your rights.


We have been helping people facing Orange County DUI charges for more than 15 years.  Our attorneys understand what their clients are going through, and makes every effort to protect his clients' rights and safeguard their interests.  If you have been charged with DUI in Placentia or any other Orange County community such as Huntington Beach, Tustin, Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim Irvine or Dana Point, you should contact us today.  We will review your DUI case and advise you of your legal options.


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