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In California nearly 200,000 people are arrested each year for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). This number is important to remember because while you may feel like you are completely alone after a criminal DUI arrest, we want you to know that you are not. Unfortunately many good people are charged with DUI’s each year. The fact that you have been charged does not automatically mean that you are guilty of a DUI or will be convicted. However, protecting your rights is paramount when facing a criminal DUI charge and the best way for you to protect your rights is to contact an experienced Orange County DUI Attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and determine the best course of action. Our criminal attorney focuses specifically on DUI cases.


What is the possible impact of a criminal DUI?


A DUI conviction or “guilty” plea can have far reaching consequences for first time and repeat offenders alike. The financial aspect alone makes a DUI conviction extremely detrimental. Unfortunately a DUI conviction it may also have an impact on your ability to find work, operate a car, move or leave the state.


Financial Impact


You may have heard that DUI convictions or guilty pleas can be extremely expensive and very limiting on your day to day life, but did you know that the average first time DUI will cost more than $10,000? Most of us do not have an extra $10,000 just lying around and if we do, we most certainly do not want to spend it on a DUI. These costs can include court fines, drug and alcohol education courses, DMV fees, legal expenses and increased insurance costs. Limiting the costs associated with a DUI is just one of the things our successful Orange County DUI Lawyer can help you with.


Beyond the fees and direct costs associated with a criminal DUI there are additional financial considerations to keep in mind. A conviction, “guilty” or “no contest” plea to a DUI charge can have a negative effect on your current or future employment. You may have to report the criminal conviction to your employer or professional organization. You may not be able to get a commercial driver’s license or be eligible for certain professional certifications. You may also have to disclose it on employment applications in the future. Our goal, as your Orange County DUI Attorneys is avoid a conviction or “guilty” plea if at all possible.


License Complications


Unfortunately in California an arrest for a suspected DUI automatically results in “Administrative Per Se (APS)” or “on-the-spot” license suspension. This means that your license is automatically suspended by the DMV regardless of the outcome of the criminal case unless you request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest and win at the hearing, which your Orange County criminal DUI Attorney can assist with.  For drivers 21 and older the automatic suspension is four months. For drivers under 21 the automatic suspension is one year. This law also affects drivers with out of state licenses and can result in an automatic suspension of your license in your home state.




In order to avoid jail time, most people who plead “guilty” to or are convicted of a DUI charge are sentenced to probation. Probation will require regular contact with your probation officer and will often include limitations on when and if you can travel, whether or not you can change jobs or move and can also impact who you associate with. You can learn more about probation here.

Consult with a Orange Couny DUI Lawyer


As you can see, the consequences of a DUI conviction, “guilty” or “no contest” plea can be financially burdensome and extremely limiting on your day to day life. Taking advantage of our free consultations and deciding to work with an experienced, successful Orange County DUI Attorney can help you to limit the impact this charge has on the rest of your life.


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