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You don't know the law. The police have already taken advantage of this fact while having you answer questions and do field sobriety tests (FSTs) in the street; which you didn't have to do, and now these answers and FSTs will be used against you. We have been appearing in all of the Southern California courts for over 15 years on a regular basis successfully defending people just like you. Remember, every person has certain likes and dislikes. Through my many years of appearing in all of the Southern California courts, we have learned what the likes and dislikes are for each of the Judges and Deputy District Attorneys that I have to deal with on your behalf to help get the best results in your case.


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We have never had a client go to jail on a 1st time DUI charge, and at the same time, we have saved a lot of client's driver's licenses at the DMV hearings all over Southern California. In addition, we have had many of these DUI charges reduced and dismissed. Even people who have had 2nd time DUI charges, and they carry penalties of up to one (1) year in the county jail, in 99% of the cases, we have kept them out of jail, and saved their driver's license. These are just some of the reasons you should use our skillful DUI defense lawyers in your DUI case.


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To have the greatest opportunity of avoiding the many penalties and negative consequences of DUI conviction, be sure to contact our experienced DUI Attorneys as soon as possible. We are here to offer you the aggressive and dedicated representation you deserve. 


The Reynoso Law Firm, with offices throughout Orange County, is a well-respected law firm of DUI Lawyers specializing in DUI defense exclusively: no clients but those charged with drunk driving (and related charges) are accepted. Mr. Reynoso has been defending Orange County  DUI cases since 1997 and is a graduate of NCDD’s DUI Trial College conducted at Harvard Law School.


We invite you to contact us today for a free consultation about your DUI case.  We will even contact the DMV to protect your license absolutely free, whether you retain our firm or not.


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This law office is conveniently located in Orange County, with a satellite office in Mission Viejo.  Call our Mission Viejo DUI Lawyer today for a free consultation.





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