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The former Laguna Niguel Superior Court located behind City Hall has been vacant for years. The majority of DUI and traffic ticket cases are herd at either the Laguna Hills Courthouse or the Harbor Courthouse located in Newport Beach.  If you have been arrested for DUI in Laguna Niguel, our Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney can make all appearances at any Orange County courthouse. 


Once the District Attorney files the misdemeanor DUI case, it will be set for an arraignment in the appropriate courthouse. At the DUI arraignment you can enter a plea of guilty, not guilty or nolo contendere. If you enter a plea of not guilty the matter will be set for DUI pre-trial and continued to a new date. This will allow an opportunity to receive discovery or the police report for the case. A qualified Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney will be able to negotiate with the District Attorney to get a reduction or even dismissal on the misdemeanor charge. It is important to discuss any DUI case with a qualified Laguna Niguel DUI Lawyer who focuses exclusively on DUI cases and is local to the area, as it is crucial the DUI Attorney is familiar with the Orange County District Attorneys’ office as well as with the Orange County judges.


Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney


If you are arrested for a Laguna Niguel DUI or in any surrounding community, such as Mission Viejo, Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, or Laguna Hills, it will likely affect every aspect of your life. Hiring a qualified Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney is the most important decision you will make. The Laguna Niguel DUI DUI Lawyer you hire should be local to the Laguna Niguel area and should specialize in DUI defense. It is important to hire a Laguna Niguel DUI Lawyer who knows the Laguna Niguel courthouse and works well with the judges and District Attorneys.


Other things to consider when hiring a Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney are whether the attorney is willing to take the matter to trial. While most misdemeanor DUI cases do not warrant a jury trial as they can be favorably resolved within the arraignment or pre-trial stage – you should always consider whether the attorney is ready and willing to take the case to a jury. Most retainer agreements for a Laguna Niguel DUI are good up until a jury trial, but do not include a jury trial. It is important to understand all costs associated with a DUI in the Orange County area. Also, keep in mind that simply because a Laguna Niguel DUI Lawyer offers the most expensive services does not mean that he or she can provide the best services and, on the other hand, simply because they offer the cheapest retainer does not mean that you are getting the best bargain.


It is important to feel comfortable with the Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney that you hire. Maintain an open and honest line of communication with the Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney that you hire, to that the counsel you retain can provide the best defense in your case. You should feel confident in discussing all aspects of your Laguna Niguel DUI case with the attorney that you hire and should feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns.


Given the time sensitivity of a DUI case, it is important to hire a Laguna Niguel DUI Defense Attorney as soon as you are released from arrest. Upon release from arrest, you will be given a temporary license in lieu of your real driver’s license, if you are a California licensed driver. The temporary license will be good for 30 days. At the expiration of this temporary license you license will be suspended for four months on a first offense Laguna Niguel DUI arrest. The Department of Motor Vehicle issues this suspension and it is completely independent of the court case. If you want to object to the automatic suspension and present evidence regarding an improper arrest or a BAC of lower than .08%, then you must contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest. This will allow you to request a hearing and at the hearing to present evidence regarding the invalidity of your arrest.


Hiring a Laguna Niguel DUI Defense Lawyer within the first 10 days means that they can contact the DMV on your behalf, request the hearing and present evidence to the hearing officer. If the case warrants a skilled Laguna Niguel DUI Lawyer may want to subpoena the officer and cross-examine him or her during the hearing or may want to have an expert toxicologist testify on your behalf. No matter what the circumstances of your Laguna Niguel DUI, it is important to contact a reputable Laguna Niguel DUI Attorney to save your license and represent you at all court appearances through the Laguna Niguel Courthouse.


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