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DUI: Expungement of Criminal Records


An expunged DUI record means that your record of the DUI conviction is "sealed" and the general public may not gain access to the record of the conviction.


Expungements apply to most DUIs and other misdemeanors and infractions. After the DUI conviction is expunged a defendant is entitled to omit the fact of the conviction to many private employers. This means you can legally state on your job application you have never been convicted of a DUI. 


The two requirements needed to expunge a DUI conviction is that the Defendant 1) was placed on probation after the DUI conviction, and 2) that the Defendant completed that probation, including paying all of the associated fines.


The Defendant may also petition the Court to have his or her probationary period terminated early. Once the probationary period has expired, either by its natural term or by early release, the Defendant may petition the Court to expunge the DUI.


The DUI expungement process: the Defendant files a petition for expungement with the court which is then reviewed by a judge. If the judge grants the DUI expungement, the defendant withdraws the plea of "guilty" or "no contest," re-enters a plea of "Not Guilty" and the case is dismissed. The actual filing of the paperwork is fairly uncomplicated and most courts have the necessary forms and instructions posted either online or at the courthouse itself.


As stated, an expungement are great for clearing your criminal record from public access when prospective employers are researching your criminal records. However, an expungement will not stop certain government agencies from reviewing what is otherwise an expunged record:


Examples of agencies that may have access to an otherwise expunged criminal record include: police agencies, school boards, and insurance companies may have access to expunged records when they are conducting background checks for employment or when they are searching the driving records of their insured; state licensing boards may have access to expunged records for professional licensing purposes; prosecutors may have access to expunged records for use in subsequent criminal proceedings; and the Immigration Department or the Department of Homeland Security may have access to expunged records.


Some crimes are not capable of being expunged. However, most misdemeanors, infractions, and any crime that was charged as a felony but could have been charged as a misdemeanor is subject to expungement. This means that most crimes are subject to expungement of criminal records.


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