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California statutes, which must be enforced in Orange County cities, such as Irvine, Fullerton, City of Orange, Costa Mesa, and Mission Viejo, require students convicted of DUI charges to list them when applying for any college or university in the state of California.  The potential academic and future employment consequences of being convicted of an Orange County DUI far exceed the initial criminal and civil penalties.  Our knowledgeable and dedicated Orange County DUI Lawyer will be able to help those accused of an Southern California DUI avoid tarnishing their records, in order to continue to work towards the completion of their academic journey.


If you are a college student and have been arrested for drunk driving, it is very important to consult with an experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer. The consequences of a DUI conviction are harsh, including steep fines, increased insurance premiums and even jail time. For college students, the damage is even more severe. A conviction could derail your education and hamper your employment prospects for years.


DUI Attorneys for College Students


At the Reynoso Law Firm, our Orange County DUI defense lawyer aggressively defend college students accused of driving under the influence (DUI) in Orange County, as well as the surrounding counties.  Our experienced DUI Attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and your future.  Call us at 1(877) DUI-PROS or 714-558-1200 for a free consultation.


Consequences of a DUI for College Students


In today's competitive job market, you need every advantage you can get to have an edge on the competition. Conversely, having a DUI conviction on your record may be all the edge your competition needs to get a job that should have been yours.


If the career you are pursuing requires obtaining a professional license, it is even more important to keep a DUI conviction off your criminal record. Whether you are pursuing a career in medicine, law, accounting or another profession, the licensing board will look closely at your criminal record before granting you licensure. In fact, getting almost any job requires undergoing a background check. A DUI conviction will only hurt your chances of success.


Our DUI Lawyers understand the far-reaching consequences of DUI convictions and provide adept criminal defense representation to college students from across the region, including those enrolled at:




             •  California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)

             •  University of California, Irvine (UCI)

             •  Chapman University

             •  Southern California Institute of Technology

             •  Anaheim University

             •  Soka University of America

             • Western State University College of Law

             •  Whittier Law School

             • Private, Christian

             • Concordia University

             • Hope International University

             • Trinity Law School

             • Vanguard University

             • Coastline Community College

             • Cypress College

             • Fullerton College

             • Golden West College

             • Irvine Valley College

             • Orange Coast College

             • Saddleback College

             • Santa Ana College

             • Santiago Canyon College

             • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

             • Laguna College of Art and Design

             •  And any other Southern California College, including USC, UCLA, and                  SDSU.


Our DUI Attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial or negotiate with the prosecutors to get the best possible outcome. We understand what is at stake and will do everything we can to keep your criminal record clean.


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