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There are certain cities that are iconic in Orange County, California. One of them would be Anaheim Hills.  Anaheim Hills is an affluent planned community encompassing the eastern portions of the city of Anaheim.  Anaheim Hills is located just south of Yorba Linda, California, and is bordered by unincorporated areas of Orange County and the Cleveland National Forest. The 2010 United States Census reported that Anaheim Hills had a population of 55,036


The city is known for its combination of shopping, dining, and attractions that will appeal to anyone who lives or visits Orange County. Of course, there is also a happening night life in the area, and that means plenty of excitement, but be sure to avoid an Anaheim Hills DUI by choosing a designated driver.


If you live in Anaheim Hills and you are stopped for driving under the influence (DUI), then you will be arrested. In convicted, DUI charges can be placed on both your DMV record as well as you criminal record.  Even a first time DUI conviction can result is fines and jail.  Before you do anything else, you need to call our DUI Attorney today to review your DUI charges and any possible DUI defenses.


Our Anaheim Hills attorney can be reached at (714)-558-1200, (949) 614-0404 or (877) DUI-PROS for a free consultation.  You can also email our DUI Lawyer here.


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